Help the devil to pull the souls deeper into hell by using the mouse.

The red portals are going deeper, the blue portals ones are going higher until heaven. Try to avoid loosing them into heaven portals, because that costs you score points.

The souls can only get through a hell portal, if you are at the same floor, but souls can always use heaven portals to go higher So be careful and find your strategy.


Use your mouse to grab a soul and pull it with the appearing chain into the red portal deeper to the lower levels.

Switch between the floors of hell by pressing [ 1 ], [ 2 ] or [ 3 ]



Manuel Wyss
Florian Zoubek
Jochen Hintringer

License / Ressources Information:

Soul Image - Ninja Adventure Asset Pack

GUI Background - Prehistoric Platformer Asset Pack

Chain Tiles -

Portal -

Devil Photo:

EndGame Music -
JDB - All For Nothing.ogg from -
Humble Bundle New DLC Pack (Game Making Bundle 2015)

SFX & Music:


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